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RPG Absorbers can be digitally printed with any image supplied by our clients. This gallery displays examples of our digitally printed absorbers.

  • Absorber Orange.jpg


  • Printed Absorber.jpg

    Printed Absorber

  • Digitally printed Absorber.jpg

    RPG Absorbers

  • Neon-Absorber.jpg

    Neon Pink

  • Absorber-neon1.jpg

    Neon Yellow

  • Scene2.jpg


  • Scene1.jpg


  • Spiral.jpg


  • Strawb1.jpg


  • Abs16.jpg

    Madonna Absorber

  • Abs15.jpg

    King Kong Absorber

  • Abs14.jpg

    Beatles Absorber

  • Abs13.jpg

    Elvis Absorber

  • Abs12.jpg

    Ray Charles Absorber

  • Abs11.jpg

    Michael Jackson Absorber

  • Abs10.jpg

    Mick Jagger Absorber

  • Abs9.jpg

    Godfather Absorber

  • Abs8.jpg

    Whos Who Absorber

  • Abs7.jpg

    Terminator Absorber

  • Abs6.jpg

    Titanic Absorber

  • Abs5.jpg

    Charlie Chaplin Absorber

  • Abs4.jpg

    Godfather Absorber

  • Abs3.jpg

    Star Wars Absorber

  • Abs2.jpg

    Expendables Absorber

  • Abs1.jpg

    Superheros! Absorber

  • swirls.jpg

    Swirls Absorber

  • Pebbles.jpg

    Pebbles Absorber

  • coffeebeans.jpg

    Coffee Beans Absorber

  • printsamples.jpg

    Digitally Printed Absorbers

  • b.jpg

    Spiderman Absorber

  • d.jpg

    Digitally printed RPG Absorber

  • c.jpg

    Marilyn Monroe Absorber

  • a.jpg

    Pirates of the Caribbean Absorber