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From our 27,000 sq ft workshop in Kent we produce and supply the full RPG range of acoustic wall and ceiling panels. We also distribute and resell Clipso and Fabricmate stretch fabric solutions, Green Glue,  Spigo and Lambri acoustic wood systems as well as Camira acoustic fabrics and seamless acoustic plaster.

Architects, contractors and acoustic consultants rely on our ability to manufacture and install our products to the highest standards and tolerances. Whether it's for an office development, a recording studio, a restaurant, or to comply with BB93 for education and schools, we can help with any acoustic requirement.

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Clearsorber Sheet

Clearsorber™Sheet is based on new patented technology, utilising microperforations in a transparent orsheet translucent sheet.  When the Clearsorber™Sheet is spaced off the vision glass, these microperforations produce significant viscous losses, providing the necessary sound absorption.  Applications are only limited by the imagination. 

The Future is Clear!

Projects designed with extensive use of glass surfaces can produce strong interfering reflections and excessive reverberation, which create an uncomfortably loud ambiance, causing fatigue, and corrupting speech intelligibility

Solutionsheet panel
To address these acoustical problems, while mainting natural lighting and visibility, RPG introduces Clearsorber™Sheet, made from microperforated polycarbonate.  If the perforations in a helmholtz resonator are made sub-millimeter in diameter, they are comparable to the thickness of a boundary layer of air.  As sound passes through these microperforations, sound absorption will occur due to viscous boundary layer effects in the perforations, as long as an air cavity is provided between the Clearsorber™ Sheet and the vision glass.  It is then possible to achieve sound absorption with out the need for additional porous material in the cavity behind the microperforated sheet, thus allowing the panel to be transparent or translucent.  Therefore, the ClearSorber™ Sheet offers an acoustical solution when a clear sound absorber is required.

Absorption data
The Graph illustrates the sound absorption coefficient for a 1mm thickness (t), 0.5mm hole diameter (d), 5mm hole spacing (b) and various distanced (D) from the glass.


Material: Polycarbonate
Sizes: 2500mm x 1250mm
Thickness: 1mm
Weight:0.26 lbs/sf
Colour: Clear

Clearsorber™Sheets can be mounted or suspended with exposed decorative hardware or formed into a panel spaced off a non-perforated sheet with acrylic borders.

High Sound Absorption
Moisture, bacteria, and fungi resistant
Class A Fire Rating
Easy to install

Patented sub-millimeter microperforation tecnology in a transparent sheet provides
sound absorption
Eliminates potential danger from particulates
High sound absorption is a result of viscous boundary layer effects in the perforations,
when a rear air cavity is provided between the Clearsorber™ Foil and the vision glass
Because the microperforations provide sound absorption without the need for a backing porous material, the Clearsorber™Sheet can be made transparent, allowing natural lighting and visibility from a clear absorber
The 1mm sheet is resistant to moisture, bacteria,and fungi and so can be used in place of
traditional fabric upholstered systems
UVstability insures the panels will not discolor nor decompose over time
Polycarbonate can be used in those facilities requiring a Class A/1 rating
Quick and easy installation saves time and money
Panels can be simply mounted or hung with decorative hardware selected by the
architect.  Sealed panels can be fabricated from one layer of Clearsorber™, air cavity and non perforated sheet with acrylic borders

Atria, Botanical Gardens, Lobbies,
Auditoriums, Commercial facilities,
Swimming Pools, Clean Rooms, Food  Food Prep Areas,
Cafeterias, and Restaurants


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