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Ceiling Mounts

As with our wall mounting systems, we can offer a range of ceiling mount options.


L Bars

The L Bar fitting offers a fixed position mounting that can be either chain or wire-hung from the mounting position of choice.  This allows the panels to hang at any depth required to give the best acoustic performance or to meet specific aesthetic requirements.  Suitable for use on all panels.


Z Bars

Z-Bars are close-mounting heavy duty fixings for large panels, these fixings position the units around 40mm from the ceiling or slope, allowing the panels to be lifted off at a slight angle. Suitable for use on all panels, but suited to heavier panels.


Rotofast Cloud

Rotofast Cloud are a simple and quick alternative fixing method to the traditional 'pigtail' type mountings.  The Cloud anchor simply twists into the rear of the panel, offering a solid mounting point that can be positioned at any point that is convenient. Wire or Chain can be used to attach to the soffit. Suitable for lighter panels up to 2400x1200x50mm.

Wire Hanging Systems

We can also manufacture specialist fittings, such as hangers for soffit and exposed services areas.

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