SIAB Silver


RPG’s Silver Studio SIBSP0 is the next logical step beyond the entry level pre-engineered acoustic room correction package. The SIBSP0 accounts for all fundamental small room acoustic considerations at a very affordable price with an emphasis on low frequencies.

Product Features
First Reflection Control with 2x2x2” ProFoam™ Panels with patented VDAC™ Nesting Technology.
Bass Management with 4x1x9” ProCorner™ Panels.
MidBand Diffusion with 1x1x2” ProFoam™ Tiles
Easy installation! Packages include premium grade construction adhesive for wall mounting.
RPG Room Scaling Matrix
RPG’s Silver Studio SIBSP0 is modeled after a room that is 14’ long x 10’ wide x 8’ tall. The SIBSP0 can be scaled to properly fit any room size. The chart below will assist you in determining what additional materials you will need to adjust for your individual needs. See component literature for proof of performance data and additional features.

Room scaling matrix
silver scaler

also availlable in Melamine

melamine foam room kit  silver

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