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RPG Formedffusor

Furniture grade QRD® diffusors may be too heavy for some ceiling applications or too expensive for large scale coverage. There is a need for a lightweight, Class A, cost effective, plastic QRD®.

To address this problem, RPG® developed a lightweight, thermoformed panel made of Class 1 firerated Kydex®. The diffusor has graceful curved inner and outer radii for an attractive appearance. Kydex® is stiff and impact resistant allowing the Formedffusor™ to be used in almost any wall or ceiling application.

Since it’s introduction in 1984, the number theoretic QRD® 734 Diffusor has proven to be a versatile general purpose diffusor. It’s uniform scattering, wide bandwidth, and broad selection of finishes make it a logical choice for almost any speech, critical formRlistening, or performance facility. The Formedffusor™ brings this proven technology to a wider audience because of its low price, ease of
installation, Class 1 fire rating, light weight, impact
resistance, and color and texture options.

The Formedffusor™ is designed to offer wide angle, broad bandwidth sound diffusion as well as useful low frequency absorption. These features control excessive boominess and balance the room's reverberation response. The Formedffusor™ can be used to offset the usually predominate high frequency absorption of people, drapery, rugs, and porous materials.

The Formedffusor™ is based on the QRD® reflection phase grating introduced by RPG® in 1983. It offers broad bandwidth wide angle diffusion. The graph illustrates the average diffusion coefficient (1 is ideal) for all angles of incidence. Compared to a flat reflecting panel, the QRD® maintains uniform diffusivity as a function of frequency above the diffraction limit.

The Formedffusor™ can be wall mounted or suspended in a T-bar grid. Panels can be aligned to form a 1D diffusor array or staggered 90° for a 2D diffusor arra


  • QRD® number theory sound diffusion
  • Lightweight thermoformed fabrication
  • Low frequency diaphragmatic absorption
  • Custom colors and textures
  • Can be oriented to provide one or two dimensional diffusion in the far field
  • Panels nest into one another
  • Low frequency absorption can be used to control boominess in small rooms, while also providing uniform sound diffusion
  • Thermoformed panels are designed to nest for lower shipping costs
  • Diffusors can be aligned linearly for diffusion in the direction perpendicular to the well direction or rotated 90° forming an alternating pattern to provide omnidirectional scattering
  • 600 x 600 size offers more flexibility and higher diffusion performance than larger periodic 1200 x 1200 formats with a smaller repeat unit
  • The Formedffusor™’s light weight makes handling and installation simple

Music education facilites, Recording studios, Broadcast studios, Rehearsal rooms, Classrooms, Auditoriums, Worship spaces, Cinemas, Performing arts centers and many more.

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