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RPG FRG Omniffusor

frgomni2Sound diffusive ceilings and walls are one of the most effective ways to simultaneously control room reflections and provide a natural ambiance. Since ceiling systems and wall applications often cover appreciable surface areas, a cost-effective 2D sound diffuser is required. To meet these needs and life safety fire codes, RPG® developed the first non-combustible Fiber Reinforced Gypsum (FRG) modular 2D sound diffuser that lays in a standard reinforced T-bar grid system.

The FRG Omniffusor® uniformly scatters sound arriving from any direction into many directions, providing ideal distribution and coverage. It’s unique shape also adds the visual interest of a bas relief sculpture.

To provide 2D sound diffusion for large surface areas and meet life safety fire codes, a molded modular diffuser that mounts in conventional T-bar systems is needed.

The FRG Omniffusor® is the first cost-effective, non-combustible, molded Fiber Reinforced Gypsum 2D QRD® sound diffuser. It offers twice the reflection attenuation of the 1D QRD® because it scatters sound uniformly into a hemisphere. The FRG Omniffusor® provides uniform, omnidirectional, broad bandwidth sound diffusion in an attractive ceiling or wall design element.

Recently, it was discovered that phase gratings, consisting of wells of different depths separated by dividers, also may provide sound absorption. The absorption is caused by viscous losses created by high particle velocity flows over the dividers, between wells of different depths and resonant frequencies. The absorption can be enhanced by placing a resistive element, e.g. fabric, near the face of the phase grating.

The random incidence acoustical data illustrates how the FRG Omniffusor® provides useful sound diffusion in the mid and high frequency range. The chart displays the mean diffusion coefficient, which is the normalized standard deviation of the 1/3 octave polar responses for angles of incidence between 0° and 90°, the normalized scattering coefficient for computer modeling calculations and the A-mount absorption coefficient for reference.

When ceiling suspended in a 15/16" T-bar grid, the FRG Omniffusor® and FRG Liteffusor® protrude 3 1/4" into the room.

Wall mounting the FRG Omniffusor® requires custom wooden stiles and rails with a 1/8" dado to capture the perimeter flange.

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