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HarmonixPairApplication of T-bar mounted absorptive and reflective ceiling systems have been a traditional approach to acoustical control. However, sound can also be controlled using diffusion. RPG pioneered the sound diffusion market over 25 years ago, with a range of number theoretic diffusing products. The tradition continues with the introduction of a new entry into the T-bar mounted acoustical ceiling market, the Waveform Harmonix™.

RPG® utilized its patented Shape Optimizer™ and Aperiodic Modulation of a Single Asymmetric Base Shape technology to provide an interesting and modern contoured surface that has the appearance of a bas relief sculpture. The center of each panel is asymmetric, however, the sides are identical. Therefore, this unique acoustically optimized asymmetric shape, offers the opportunity to create an unlimited range of surfaces, determined only by the orientation of adjacent panels.

Harmonix-G-ProductThe Harmonix™ is fabricated from either Class 1 thermoplastic for safety and economy  with added low frequency diaphragmatic absorption or from Fiber Reinforced Gypsum for extra rigidity and improved Class 0 fire spec.

This provides a choice allowing the user to have uniform coverage, due to optimal diffusion, lack of periodicity effects, due to aperiodic modulation and good low frequency support in the K model and high fire safety with the G. Add beauty and improved acoustical performance to your room with Harmonix™

An “acoustic ceiling” has come to mean absorptive mineral or fiberglass tiles. Exclusive use of only mid-high frequency absorption in the ceiling cannot optimize the acoustics of spaces where music is to be enjoyed or speech is to be understood. The industry needed a complementary sound diffusing tile for these applications.

The Waveform Harmonix™ is the first cost-effective sound diffusor that offers uniform mid-high sound diffusion and a moderate amount of low frequency diaphragmatic absorption to provide optimal coverage with bass management or good mig/high frequency diffusion with the highest fire safety.

In a drop ceiling application, there will be some absorption caused by leaks between the grid and tile as well as tile surface resonance. This is kept to a minimal amount with an FRG unit due to mass and surface rigidity. A comparison of several RPG diffusive ceiling tiles is included here based on the E-Mount Random Incidence Reverberation Chamber test method.

The random incidence acoustical data illustrate how the Harmonix™ K provides useful sound diffusion in the mid and high frequency range. The chart displays the normalized diffusion coefficient, according to AES-4id-2001 and pending ISO 17497-2, the correlation scattering scattering coefficient for computer modeling calculations and the E-mount absorption coefficient for reference.

When ceiling suspended in a 15/16" T-bar grid, the Harmonix™  protrudes 4" into the room. Wall mounting the Harmonix™ requires custom wooden stiles and rails to capture the perimeter flange.

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