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RPG ProCorner

In rooms in which acoustic foam is used as the primary surface treatment, a system that includes coordinated, attractive wall and corner panels is needed.


The RPG® ProCorner™ complements the ProFoam™ nestable wall panels to create a complete acoustical foam room treatment. The ProCorner™ integrates seamlessly with the ProFoam™ wall panels and offers an NRC of 1 for exceptional broad-bandwidth absorption.

Acoustical foam provides the most cost-effective approach to controlling interfering reflections and noise. RPG® revolutionized the acoustic foam industry by introducing the first stackable foam with an innovative profile design. Now RPG® expands this concept by introducing ProCorner™: the first optimised corner mounted foam. By combining ProFoam™ and ProCorner™, a complete acoustical foam room treatment system is possible. Studio In A Box Packages are now available.

Installation of the ProCorner™ is quick and easy. Simply apply construction adhesive to the sides that contact the mounting surface. Hold the ProCorner™ in place until the adhesive cures.

Procorner now available in Dark Grey, Purple, White Melaflex and Grey Melaflex.  Melaflex is Class 0 and Polyflex Class B.

The ProCorner™ offers ideal absorption across the audio spectrum in a convenient corner mounted panel. The graph indicates the random incidence absorption coefficient measured at Riverbank Labs. 
NRC of 1.0


  • Surface profile matches ProFoam™ wall panels
  • ProCorner™ installs easily
  • Available in white, gray flec, and white flec Class A Melaflex™ and charcoal gray, blue, and purple UL94 Polyflex™ (polyurethane)
  • New optimized and attractive corner profile


  • The ProCorner™ offers a designer corner treatment that adds an interesting acoustic sculpture to the room's corners, while helping to control excessive sound pressure buildup
  • An NRC of 1.0 guarantees that the ProCorner™ offers uniform absorption across the audio spectrum for a more uniform room response
  • The ProCorner™ seamlessly integrates with the ProFoam™ wall panels and ProFoam™ variable impedance diffusing panels to provide a complementary acoustical system for interior design and sound control
  • ProCorner™ is lightweight and can be easily mounted with adhesive for a quick and effective room rennovation

The Melaflex™ ProCorner™ is fabricated from non fibrous, fire resistant, open cell, lightweight (0.6 lb/cu. ft.) BASF melamine foam. It is in full compliance with all National Life Safety Codes for Class 0 interior use. Melaflex™ has a flame spread of 10 and a smoke development rating of 50 as per ASTM E-84 testing standards. Therefore, The Melaflex™ ProCorner™ can be used in any critical listening space.

The Polyflex™ ProCorner™ is fabricated from a UL94 2 lb./cu. ft. polyester urethane, which should only be used in Class B or C spaces. Since Polyflex™ is flammable, extreme care should be exercised in its use as an interior finish.

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