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Traditional absorptive cores like fiberglass and mineral wool are fibrous. This may prohibit their use in indoor applications where fiber-free materials are mandated.
Also outdoor applications are not possible.

A new porous sintered glass panel call Reapor was developed from recycled glass that offers high sound absorption and is fiber-free,rugged,non-combustible,
moisture resistant and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Reapor can be machined with standard saws,routers and drills. The panels can be attached by gluing or pre-drilling and bolting in place. Edges can be
chamfered or butted together, as shown to the far right. Reapor can also be mounted to one or two sides of a concrete wall an d used in traditional post and
panel highway barrier construction. Colors can also be applied forming interesting patterns

RPG Europe also offer custom Reapor solutions such as Blocks and custom surfaces. We can also combine Reapor with other products to give more variation to specifiers and designers.

• High sound absorption
• Non-combustible
• Fiber-free
• Rigid and rugged
• moisture resistant
• 100% recyclable
• Easily machined
• Lightweight

• Sintered glass offers high sound absorption over a broad frequency range, thus providing excellent control of reflection and excess reverberation
• Inorganic sintered glass is non-combustible, offering a fire-safe absorptive treatment
• The sintering process produces a fiber-free panel, which can be used where ever codes call for fiber-free products
• The panels are rigid and rugged offering a highly absorptive impact resistant surface
• Moisture resistance makes the panel ideal for humid indoor applications, like swimming pools and also outdoor applications
• The glass used to form the panels is all 100% recycled satisfying LEED requirements and is environmentally friendly
• The panels can be machined with standard tools and commercial installation systems
• The light weight reduces any loading issues

Highway barriers,Gymnasiums, Subways and other transportation facilities, Convention
Centers, Swimming pools, Schools, Firing Ranges, Power Stations,Offices, etc.

• Three sizes are available:
(length x width x thickness in mm):
609 x 1219 x 25 or 50 (24” x 48” x 1” or 2”)
730 x 630 x 25 (28.8” X 24.8” X 1”)
1480 x 625 x 50 (58.3” X 24.6” X 2”)
• Weight: 25 mm is 1.36 lb/sf
• Edge condition: square edge standard or bevelled


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