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skylinelpwhitepatented_400LP stands for Low Profile. Interfering reflections can be controlled by absorption or diffusion. In small rooms, it is often desirable to control interfering reflections and provide an ambient sound field using diffusion instead of absorption. When the room’s surfaces are relatively close to the listener, a very efficient diffusing surface is needed. To solve this problem, RPG patented the Skyline®. It is the industry’s first — and most efficient — omnidirectional primitive root number theory two dimensional diffusor. The Skyline® LP has been designed to offer efficient scattering in situations where available wall depth is limited.  In 4” maximum depth the Skyline LP scatters incident sound uniformly so that the acoustic glare in all directions is minimized.  No other diffuser on the market can claim equal performance at this depth.

Small rooms like Project Studios need a very efficient surface to diffuse interfering rear wall reflections and provide a diffuse sound field.  Available wall depth is often limited due to smaller room sizes, equipment locations and other furnishings.

To solve this problem, RPG utilized advanced primitive root number theory to design the most powerful and aesthetic two dimensional omnidirectional Low Profile diffusing surface in the acoustical industry.

The solid expanded polystyrene core of the Skyline LP provides useful low frequency absorption.

The Skyline® LP is very easy to install on walls or ceilings.  
For permanent mounting, construction adhesive must also be applied, where space allows on the back of the unit.
The Skyline LP can also be inserted into a T-bar ceiling grid.

The Skyline LP is fabricated from flame- retardant, high- density expanded polystyrene foam. It is the nature of this material to have rough surface imperfections and contain steam vent holes. Some of these imperfections can be partially concealed by a factory paint process. If you are interested in a painted product we can provide this service.
RPG® does not recommend that the Skyline LP be painted in the field and assumes no responsibility for any damage resulting from field painting.


  • Patented optimized primitive root reflection phase grating in a new low profile configuration.
  • 156 distinct phase blocks
  • Suppressed specular scattering
  • Universal mounting design
  • Portable, lightweight construction
  • Unique acoustic sculpture


  • The Low Profile configuration allows for application in Project Studios and Home Theaters where available wall depth is limited.
  • The large prime number design offers the acoustical industry's highest reflection density. This design provides a natural sounding ambiance and the most effective diffusive control of interfering reflections
  • The specular suppression afforded by the primitive root number theory design means the "mirror" reflection component of the scattering is reduced creating a more diffuse sound field
  • The lightweight and universal Skyline LP design with perimeter flange permits mounting on a wall, ceiling, or free standing portable gobo partitions with hook and loop fasteners or in a T-bar suspended ceiling grid
  • The complex number theory topology allows one to work closer to a wall surface than would normally be the case. Thus, small edit and recording control rooms can be optimized
  • The Skyline LP’s unique sculptured topology makes it a welcome aesthetic addition to the decor of the room

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