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Soundtrac Stretch Fabric Panels and Stretch Wall Finishes


Soundtrac Panels and Panel Systems are a suitable alternative to traditional acoustic panels.  Sometimes its more cost effective to install a large area onsite rather than have prefabricated panels delivered and installed.

The Soundtrac Stretch Fabric Wall System consists of a plastic track, RPG Absorbor or other core material and an acoustically suitable fabric finish.  The track is attached to the substrate, the acoustically absorbent core material is fixed between and the selected fabric is stretched over the assembly, held tightly in place by the track system. The edges of the fabric are hidden in the trim giving a clean, tidy and secure finish.

Why Use Soundtrac Stretch Fabric Wall System?

Less Damage
Because Soundtrac uses a Stretch Fabric system to cover the walls, the surface of the acoustic absorbent material is not 'visible'. This means that any knocks or bangs that the surface might endure will not leave the panels aesthetically damaged.  If the surface fabric is damaged, it can be easily changed.  Stretch fabric systems are ideal for sports halls, and if the high impact facing is used then the system can also be used as a pinnable surface.

Bigger Panel Areas
Traditional fabric wrapped acoustic panels are normally limited in size, typically 3mx1.2m maximum.  This means that when large areas need to be covered there will be a lot of seams and joints.   By using a Stretch Fabric system, it is possible to make the panels up to 1.6m in one dimension and much longer dimensions in the other.  Using seperator track to create panel joints can make the system work very well, but designs of architects are now more easily achieved.

Environment and Sustainability

As the system is self supporting, it allows us to use more environmentally friendly core materials such as recycled glass, recycled polyester, fiberglass made with natural binders and higher recycled glass content, recycled cotton and more.  Fabrics can also be from recycled stock, making the Soundtrac Stretch Fabric System one of the most environmentally friendly acoustic systems available.

Easy to fit around Architectural Design

Due to the nature of the installation method used to fit Soundtrac Stretch Wall Systems, it is very easy to form shapes, curves and designs that traditional systems can't easily form.

Reduced Maintenance
Due to the fabric being fitted into a plastic track system, the fabric can be removed and replaced, so damaged areas or a simple change of colour scheme is simple to do and far more cost effective than having to replace all panels. As the system goes directly to a wall or ceiling, there is no need to decorate under it, saving money on that too!

As well as the standard Acoustic Panel type finish, this product is also available with Pinboard core, Magnetic core and Soundproof core.

Soundtrac Stretch Wall can be used just about anywhere, from Home Cinema to Schools.  It is fast and convenient.

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