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RPG Waveform Spline W

csa-7013-dc-031_400Diffusion arrays are used on the walls and ceilings in auditoriums to blend the direct and early reflected sound, increasing speech intelligibility and enhancing musical clarity and intimacy. Traditionally, non-optimised, periodic flat panels or arcs have been used and their placement has been either aesthetic or based on geometrical optics. If not properly designed and arrayed, objects can provide uneven coverage, typically exemplified in minima and maxima in the sound pressure level. In addition, these simple shapes can be diaphragmatic, leading to a loss in low frequency sound. To solve this problem, RPG developed the Waveform™ Spline - a curve optimised one dimensional surface that provides uniform coverage in the area of use.

Flat panel arrays on walls and ceilings provide uneven sound pressure levels. Coverage can be improved by curving or shaping the panels, but there is no guarantee that optimum results will be obtained and consequently uneven response is often experienced.

To solve this problem, RPG developed the first Shape Optimization™ program, which automatically determines the best shape and array of curve optimized surfaces to insure uniform coverage. The Shape Optimizer™ combines the power of the boundary element and multi-dimensional optimization techniques, incorporating the diffusion coefficient as the metric of optimal performance. The Waveform™ Spline provides optimal ensemble for musicians on stage and uniform coverage in the audience.

The random incidence acoustical data illustrates how the Waveform™ Spline W provides useful sound diffusion in the lower midrange through the higher frequency range. The chart displays the mean diffusion coefficient, which is the normalized standard deviation of the 1/3 octave polar responses for angles of incidence between 0° and 90°, the normalized scattering coefficient for computer modeling calculations and the A-mount absorption coefficient for reference.

A metal thimble is provided to capture a wire cable through the holes provided in the ribs at the rear of the panel.



  • One Dimensional Curve Optimized shape
  • Ability to optimize array and positioning
  • Integrated mounting hardware
  • Seamless tiling in both directions
  • Meets Class 0 fire safety codes
  • Field finished


  • Curve optimized shape insures uniform coverage
  • RPG provides optimal arraying and tilting to insure uniform coverage and eliminate guess work in the field
  • Adjacent panels can seamlessly tile for wide area coverage simulating a single canopy element
  • Spline panels and be used independently or tile side to side and front to back for wide area application
  • Can be used in all applications requiring a Class A fire rated material
  • Installation is quick and easy.

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