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The Triffusor® is a rotatable equilateral triangle prism with absorptive, reflective, and diffusive sides

Variable Acousticstriffusor
The Triffusor® was developed to make completely variable acoustics a reality. Triffusor® modules can be arranged adjacent to one another in a linear array so that they form a surface of any desired acoustical character. These arrays combine the basic acoustical building blocks of absorption, diffusion, and reflection.

With the Triffusor®, small rooms take on a flexibility not possible before. You can easily adapt to the requirements of a particular situation and not be locked into a fixed acoustical environment. Even large rooms can be made more versatile by using movable Triffusor® partitions or gobos to alter the localized acoustics. The Triffusor® can also be flush mounted to form a variable acoustics wall.

The effect of almost any acoustical treatment on the binaural perception and enjoyment of music can easily be demonstrated by applying Triffusors® along the walls and corners of a room. One can experience the effect of early reflections on stereo imaging and frequency coloration, the difference between the sensation of high localization and high spaciousness in a listening situation, the correlations between spaciousness and lateral diffuse reflections, and the benefits of a diffused rear wall.

Diffusion Absorption
triffusor absorber

Triffusors® should be mounted on a platform with height adjustments to compensate for floor irregularity. Rotation can be accomplished by using a quarter inch dowel or "lazy susan" type bearing to connect the center of the Triffusor® base and the mounting plinth.

Dowel holes and bearings should be positioned so that Triffusor® modules meet at their edges when in position. Mounting hardware is not supplied. Triffusors® can also be stacked atop one another when taller columns are needed

Product details
The standard Triffusor® is available as an equilateral triangular prism 1200mm high with three 600mm sides
Weight: 40 lbs
The diffusing surface is a QRD® 734 module with a standard veneered mdf  laquered finish
The reflective side is also mdf veneered
The absorptive side is covered with Camira Carapanel fabric
Custom finishes are available

The Triffusor® is a variable acoustics module which can be used anywhere a versatile acoustical environment is required: Recording and broadcast studios, voiceover booths, orchestra pits, TV and film shooting stages, acoustical set designs, rehearsal rooms, home listening rooms, sampling and Foley rooms, audiophile dealer showrooms, music education and psychoacoustics laboratories, CD and other media evaluation rooms.

Triffusor Extra

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