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A Complete Line of High Performance Acoustical products for Pro Audio Applications in Live Recording, Overdub, Mixing, Mastering, Post Production, Broadcast and Critical Listening Environments.

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RPG AcousticTools™ Products

Thanks to the support of the world’s leading acousticians and studio designers, RPG® has earned the reputation as the acoustical reference of the professional recording and broadcast industry. RPG® products are used in over a thousand leading-edge music facilities around the world.

The key issue in any recording studio is transferability: the ability of a mix to transfer to other listening environments outside the studio. For a mix to faithfully transfer to a wide range of acoustical environments, it must be created in a room with minimal acoustic distortion. The four sources of acoustic distortion are modal emphasis, speaker boundary interference, comb filtering, and sparse reflection density. Professional recording engineers will attest to the importance of mixing in an acoustically designed room. Hence our slogan: “If you can’t take the room out of your mix, you can’t take your mix out of the room”.

AcousticTools™ for Project Studios

To address all of the potential forms of acoustic distortion, we have created Spatial, Image, Bass, and Software Tools.

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Spatial Tools
Spatial Tools uniformly scatter sound arriving from any direction and create a sense of “passive” surround sound, immersion, and envelopment in the soundfield.

frg omniffusor, plaster class 0 diffusor
FRG Omniffusor

skyline diffusor

skyline, moulded diffusors
Skyline LP

Imaging Tools
Imaging Tools absorb reflections from the room’s boundary surfaces, which cause comb filtering and corrupt the soundstage, image size, and timbre.

absorbing panel
foam bass trap
acoustic foam

Combination Tools
Combination Tools will both absorb reflections from the room's boundary surfaces in the low and mid frequency range while also uniformly scattering sound in the upper mid and high frequency range to eliminate the ‘dead space’ syndrome many small rooms suffer from when high frequencies are overly absorbed.

diffusing flat panels


Bass Management Tools
Bass Management Tools minimize room resonances and speaker boundary interference effects to provide a more uniform room response.

broadband absorber
Modex Broadband

modex corner

Modex Corner

modex unit

Modex Module

Studio in a Box Packages offer low cost room solutions utilizing RPG technology.

foam room kit
Bronze Polyflex™
cheap foam room kit
Silver Polyflex™
room kit with diffusors
Gold Polyflex™
foam kit on a budget
Platinum Polyflex™
melamine foam kit
Bronze Melaflex™
class 0 foam room kit
Silver Melaflex™
melamine foam kits
Gold Melaflex™
white acoustic foam
Platinum Melaflex™

AcousticTool Packages offer attractive, low cost, fabric wrapped room solutions utilizing RPG Technology.

acoustic  panels room kits
Level 1
fabric wrapped acoustic panels
Level 2
room kits and acoustic panels
Level 3

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